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Hoover UN20J72 Unplugged Cleaner & Free Handheld Hoover UN20J72 Unplugged Cleaner & Free Handheld
The Hoover Unplugged UN20J72 vacuum cleaner gives you plenty of freedom without compromising on performance. This cordless stick will have your floors spotless in no time.Cordless CleaningVacuum without restrictions, thanks to the cordless design of the UN20J72. Never again switch between plugs when you move room to room. Cordless cleaning also means you don’t get tangled up in cables, letting you negotiate furniture more easily without the tripping hazard.The battery provides you with up to 45 minutes of cleaning time, which is more than enough to whiz around your home.Easy to UseThe UN20J72 weighs only 3.5 kg, making it significantly easier to use and manoeuvre. Featuring an ultra-slim design and swivel nozzle, this Hoover model also allows you to move around obstacles easily, while providing a precise and thorough clean. As the UN20J72 is a slim model, it can be easier to store than some conventional upright vacuum cleaners.High PerformanceWith 20.4 V of power, the UN20J72 offers plenty of energy to get the job done. Offering strong performance on both hard floors and carpets, and equipped with a controllable rotating brush bar, this vacuum cleaner can revolutionise your cleaning chores. Using Hoover’s Cyclean technology, you’ll be delighted with the end result.Found a particularly grimy area or stubborn mark? Try the Turbo Power Boost function for some even more powerful vacuuming suction.No More BagsBagless vacuum cleaners save you the ongoing cost of buying bags, and are also kinder to the environment. They’re quick and easy to empty – just tip the contents away and you’re good to go.Handheld VacuumingWith the UN20J72, you get a free 7.2 V cordless handheld. This is perfect for cleaning your stairs, upholstery or car interior.

Price: 149.99

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